Admission Rules

Please note that filling in the registration form does not guarantee admission

  • Entries with regard to Name, Date and place of Birth should be in conformity with the passport
  • Children who have completed 3 years on or before 31st July are eligible for pre primary
  • Children seeking admission to KG 1 class should have completed 4(Four)years of age as on 31st July of the current year
  • Final selection to Grade KG 1 will depend on the child's performance at an assessment session to ascertain his/her ability in independence, speech and physical development to attend a pre -school.
  • Underage children are not granted admission in keeping with instruction from the Ministry of Education, However, in special circumstances, the age limit for pupil seeking admission from Grade 2 to Grade 4 and coming from recognized schools, can be waived to some extent, by the Principal.
  • All admissions from Grade KG 2 to Grade 9 are granted strictly based on the performance at the ELIGIBILITY TEST, interview with Principal, availability of seats, and submission of his/her original Transfer Certificate or School leaving Certificate from the last school attended by him/her showing his /her Annual Examination results and promotion to higher class. Please note that preference is given to pupils whose brothers /sisters are studying in this school.
  • School Management reserves the right to reject any admission without assigning any reason.
  • All admissions are subject to MINISTRY / KHDA APPROVAL.
  • No admission will be granted to pupils coming from UNRECOGNISED SCHOOLS.
  • No pupil is permitted to attend school till his/her Health card (valid) photocopy and vaccination card (original) is submitted to the school's Medical Centre.
  • Admission to grades 10, 11, 12 is at the discretion of the Principal, depending upon the child's performance at the last annual examination and as per CBSE rules


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