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    Distance Learning Education

    Distance Learning Education

    The school launched the ongoing distance learning program from 5-April-2020. In order to ensure a smooth and seamless journey in this direction, we began the process in collaboration with our important stakeholders, parents.

    The next generation learning set guidelines were given to parents as a first step that will help them to work collaboratively with our teachers towards a common goal – “attainment of learning goals through distance learning”

    We aim to achieve the learning goals along with the parents by providing a safe, healthy and productive learning environment with a flexible timetable. Appropriate measures are taken to avoid learning gaps and exclusive individualized plans are in place to support our students of determination.

    Prompt and timely interventions are in place to ensure all students are able to engage in Google Meet without disruption. Periodic feedback on levels of attainment  with appropriate next steps are provided to the parent and student to help set a disciplined routine.

    Ensuring safety of children online has been our prime focus and necessary precautions and measures of cyber safety procedures are in place.

    We believe that by collaborating with parents and guidelines from KHDA we will emerge stronger and wiser with distance learning as “WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER”


    Webinar on “Cyber safety-Keeping Children Safe Online” by Ms. Nisha Dua