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    Extra Curricular Activities

    Extra Curricular Activities

    BPS Students are trained at a very young age to participate in all extra-curricular activities. These include inter-house competitions and inter-school competitions. The purpose of these extra-curricular activities are


    1. To improve their skill in observation
    2. To develop their powers of visual calculation or proportion about any object.
    3. To develop technical skills
    4. Experimenting with new techniques in different media
    5. To develop a sense of imagination and creativity.
    6. Understanding different objects by their texture, shape, size, colour etc., and being able to duplicate the same on paper.
    7. To understand more of nature in terms of colour, form, shape and size.
    8. Understanding different cultures and different occasions through various events.
    9. Recognizing different emotions and expressions through portrait study.

    The various inter-school competitions the students participate in are:

    • Solo / Group Dances which include Classical and Folk Dances as well
    • On the spot Painting competitions
    • Environmental Quiz
    • Singing Competitions (in English, Hindi and Arabic)
    • Drama as well as Mono Acting
    • Kairali Kala Kendram
      • Indian Association Programmes
      • Jawarharlal Nehru Declamation Contest (English & Hindi)
      • Rangoli
      • Fancy Dress Competitions
      • Dubai Art Lovers Association (DALA)

    The various inter-school cultural activities the students participate in are:

    • Mono Acting
    • Fancy Dress
    • Singing
    • Dancing
    • Drawing
    • Elocution
    • Essay – Writing


    To poster better interaction among the students the following clubs have been started –

    • Literary Club
    • Environment Club
    • Maths Club
    • Science Club
    • Health & Cultural Club
    • Sports Club
    • Photography Club

    Social Activities

    • In support of raising funds for the treatment of children suffering from Thalassemia, the students of Buds Public School had taken part in a marathon.
    • Students conduct a food festival, and funds raised during this festival is sent to charitable organizations such as Blind Schools in Tamil Nadu, India.