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    Inclusive Education

    Buds Public School creates an inclusive, tolerant, sustainable environment that nurture and
    groom global citizens. We ensure that all learners of any age are provided with equal,
    meaningful, high-quality educational opportunities at Buds Public School, alongside their friends
    and peers.
    We strongly believe that, ‘The concept of inclusive education lies at the heart of effective
    education. It encompasses the principles of diversity, personalization, equity, respect, acceptance
    and enrichment. When we improve the quality of inclusion within our schools, we improve
    education for all.’
    The Inclusive Education Department of BPS guided by the Principal and Governor’s mainly
    focuses on the accurate identification process for the students of determination – including the SEN,
    Medical disabilities, and Gifted and talented (G&T). BPS ensures appropriate and
    relevant adaptation in school to cater to the needs of all children. The school also offers
    additional programs that enrich the skills and potential of the students of determination. They are
    as follows.

    Play Therapy

    Play therapy is an effective way that helps children modify their behaviors, clarify their self-concept and build
    healthy relationships. It also helps children find healthier ways of communicating, develop fulfilling relationships, increase resiliency and facilitate emotional literacy. Regular play therapy sessions are provided for students based on their needs.

    Art Therapy

    Art therapy is offered to students of determination for those creative expressions that can foster healing and emotional well being. We believe in arts-based teaching and learning, enhances self-esteem and builds self-confidence in children. The students of determination are provided with regular art based therapy to cater to their different needs.

    Relaxation Session

    Relaxation is one of best way to develop positive emotions and increase personal wellbeing. Relaxation also helps children to improve attention and concentration span. The Inclusive Education Department of BPS with the support of UAE Heartfulness team, provides regular relaxation sessions for students of determination.