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  • Arise Aspire Achieve

    From the Chairman’s desk


    Buds Public School’s core values are Arise, Aspire, Achieve. These values are instilled in all our students and enable them to lead a wholesome and righteous life. For almost three decades our students and staff have strived towards becoming outstanding citizens of the world.

    Buds Public School is a well established institution in Dubai that continuously endeavors towards excellence. We believe that every child our school educates forms an integral part of the greater intellectual web. Each student is also made to understand the importance of knowledge as a stepping stone towards wisdom.

    Clear objectives are set by the faculty and students are encouraged to achieve these expectations by applying a systematic and disciplined approach. We teach our students to be compassionate individuals who take pride in themselves while appreciating the differences in others.

    The school’s faculties are trained to encourage innovation and industry in students while ensuring that they recognize their responsibility towards the betterment of the community. This enables them to lead a prosperous life while adding value to the community.

    The management of the school recognizes that parents want an institution that understands their requirements as well as the needs of their children. The school is committed to helping every child achieve their maximum potential to make them an integral part of the society.

    We at Buds Public School welcome all parents who share our values and wish to work with us to prepare their child for a prosperous and meaningful future.

    M. Durairaj