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    Proud Parents Of Anish

    Proud Parents Of Anish

    Two years have passed since I joined since I joined this school and today I am proud to be graduating from this great educational institution.  When I started I was a bit apprehensive and shy to mix with my classmates.  But today I am happy to have made so many friends from this school.

    I take with me not only the memories of the semesters but more of the time I shared with various people in the school for which I am ever so grateful.  To my Principal – Sir you taught us that school is more than just classwork and your inspiring belief that every child has the potential to excel in some area no matter what the grades are. Thank you Sir for listening to us and trying to maintain us in the right path to achieve our goals.

    My gratitude to the teachers who molded me and shaped me to think independently.  I am so grateful for their patience, time and efforts for repeating the lesson inspite of me not paying attention in the class.  They treated the students as their children and as such took care of us.  Am grateful to the School for providing the students with courteous and devoted service and administrative staff who kept us safe and provided us timely services.

    Most of all I am thankful to the school for giving me the friendships and memories of the great times I shared with my classmates and school faculty and I pray that this relationship remains forever wherever we are and whatever we become.