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    Proud Parents Of Neville

    Proud Parents Of Neville

    A Journey with BPS…………

    Time flies, it seems like yesterday when we were anxiously waiting at the Meeting Room hoping to get an admission for our son for his 11th grade. Neville being our first son, many of the pre-requisites to get admission to Higher Secondary were new to us. We did soon learn that the prelim marks would determine the fate of admission to Higher Secondary. We were gripped with the fear of being unable to guarantee an admission and a secure and rewarding future for Neville in what is perceived as a highly competitive Indian education system.

    Nobody had the patience or the time to understand our plight and it was in this dilemma that we sat in the meeting room keeping our fingers crossed. Here we were heard with a sympathetic ear and assured of an admission for the stream our son wanted. Though we were relieved, our apprehensions were not over. Though the school was completing 28years, we were unaware of Buds Public School probably due to the school maintaining a low profile compared to the rest of the institutions in Dubai. These apprehensions were also put to rest when we were taken on a tour to see the facilities and the teachers.

    We must take this opportunity to mention Mr. Thirupathaiah Mahankali (Reddy) who made us feel at home and took us through all the admission procedures with the least of hassles, introducing us to the school teacher’s and the culture of the school. Till this date the warmth that reaches his eyes when he greets us is something we can never forget.  He remembers every parent and their ward by their name. This point on, Senior School Supervisor Mr. Khalifullah T. Abdul Rahim took over. Being a soft-spoken and kind person, he had a calming effect on our son, who was going through his apprehensions and anxiety of joining a new school… from here our journey with school for two years began….

    The class teacher, Mrs. Siji Sherlith was a strict but loving teacher. She was always there for the students. There was a continuous monitoring of the students with an active parent teacher interaction on regular basis. We witnessed a school filled with teachers that give 100% of themselves and countless additional hours to lend a hand to a student in need, a parent to keep them updated with their child’s progress. We need to particularly emphasize that all the teachers were always reachable anytime that we wanted which ensured that the gaps and issues faced by children were not left to be discussed only during the end of each term during the Parent Teacher meet. One of the major factors that did help Neville was that in BPS the classes are small and the education is personal. The teachers know their students and tailor their efforts to individual student needs. Our son being in senior school, this kind of attention was very crucial and we sincerely thank BPS for giving such a personalized attention to each and every student.

    Talking about personalized attention especially in age of answering machines it always felt so pleasing when we were recognized and all our queries and issues were dealt with utmost care, promptly and proactively by Ms. Shumaila William at the reception.

    In these two years, there has been considerable addition to the school infrastructure and facilities, which have further enhanced the learning and development environment for students at BPS.

    Above all, the school is in now in the capable hands of the Principal, Mr. Ainsley Edgar. His experience was clearly evident as we saw the changes and new ideas that were introduced. He was never too busy to sit down and discuss anything we had in our mind, whether a concern, suggestion or idea or just a simple question to answer. It was quite touching to know that he knew students by his or her name and also for providing them the guidance and support in preparing them for the examinations with equal importance for extra curricular activities.

    Today as we have nearly reached at the end of our journey, we are glad that our son was able to complete his schooling successfully, made great friends, good memories and learned invaluable lessons that will stay with him forever. We really feel that Neville has been enriched through the various lessons and experiences he has been privy to which will serve him well as he embraces the challenges that lie ahead.

    In conclusion, words are too short for us to express our gratitude to BPS and its management for the support and wish BPS all the very best for the successful completion of 30 years and many more years of success and excellence to scale new heights and accomplishments in the future.